We Provide Sustainable,Reliable Solar Energy Solutions

What We

We install and maintain solar power systems in Kenya. We provide all the services needed to get your home or business energy independent.

How We
Do It

We strive to be in constant communication with our customers until the job is done. Call us for any questions about converting your home or business to solar.

Why We
Do It

We realize renewable energy generation and storage is the way forward in the climate we live in. We are striving to make these solutions more affordable but still of quality so everyone can enjoy the reliable power of the sun.

Why Choose

We make it easier to install solar at your home and business because of our simple, straight-forward process. Each customers receives clear, concise data; eliminating confusion and worry.

Our Promise To You.

We make some bold claims, but we aren't afraid to back them up.We work with the best solar equipment and services in Kenya from the most reliable providers.

  • You will save money in your first year after switching to solar.
  • You will save more money each year after switching to solar due to inflation
  • You will have support from us through every step of the process and after installation as well
  • You will receive the highest quality solar energy system available, custom designed for your home.

Years of Providing Kenyans With Reliable Solar Solutions.

Roomny Solar is a leading supplier of solar solutions in Kenya. We specialise in innovative solar systems and solutions for homes and businesses. Added to our technical expertise is a vision and goals that extend beyond any profit motive. Our long-term aim is to convert Kenya to energy systems that produce clean, free power and are easy to maintain. We’ve made it our business to protect the environment for generations to come.

What separates us from other companies?

  • Personal attention and excellent service
  • Independent use of top brands and latest technologies
  • Monitoring for the life of the system
  • Industry best workmanship and warranties in Kenya

Our Services

Installations are done by in-house, EPRA accredited, electricians (no sub-contractors used!) The efficiency of your solar power system depends on right installation and the right components. When you call Us, our passionate and knowledgeable solar advocates and experts can help you design and select the best system to suit your requirements.

Our Products

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