Quality Service

We are please to offer Kenyan homes and businesses the best of quality, service, and guarantee

Superior Products

Only the best, highest performing equipment is used in our solar systems.

Affordable Service

We have affordable solar solution for your every requirements.

Our Promise To You.

We make some bold claims, but we aren't afraid to back them up.We work with the best solar equipment and services in Kenya from the most reliable providers.

  • You will save money in your first year after switching to solar.
  • You will save more money each year after switching to solar due to inflation
  • You will have support from us through every step of the process and after installation as well
  • You will receive the highest quality solar energy system available, custom designed for your home.

Years of Providing Kenyans With Reliable Solar Solutions.

Roomny solar is one of the leading solar energy companies in Kenya. It is a major solar energy service provider in the country.

With over 15 years of experience behind them, Roomny Solar prides itself of delivering bespoke solar power projects with impeccable customer service at the core of their business.The company offers a complete range of Solar PV Powered Systems to suit every household and business.

Some of Our Esteemed Clients