We went looking for the best partner, that we could trust, and found a company in Kenyas which could deliver both safety and leading-edge technology: Roomny Solar.

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Roomny solar power backup solution will help you to provide power through those difficult load shedding hours and other unplanned power failures. No noise, no petrol/diesel, no fumes. Seamless, instant, 100% automatic backup power.

We understand the frustrations experienced by our clients with the current instability of the national grid and the frequent load shedding which is set to become a daily reality in Kenya. One of the biggest concerns as Kenyans is home and business security. Our ongoing energy crisis, in the form of load shedding, can leave homes in a vulnerable position, without night lighting, alarm, surveillance, electric fence systems, and other security measures. This is where alternative backup powered systems come in, quickly becoming financially viable and beneficial across Kenya. Roomny Solar has a solution for you. Environment friendly green energy solution.

How does power backup systems work

Batteries are charged with Kenya power when it is available. Then during a power failure, the inverter automatically switches over and supplies your house or business with energy stored in the battery. Then when Kenya power comes back, the batteries are charged with Kenya power again, ready for the next power failure.
These are some of our solutions options.

  • Inverter / Battery Back-up System
  • Residential Hybrid System
  • Commercial Hybrid System
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Solar Powered Solution

The size of the solution is dependent on the number of appliances, light and other equipment you want to use during periods when no power is available from the grid.

A key consideration is the energy usage of the equipment, therefore we differentiate between essential load items (lights, security systems, fridge, freezer, TVs, internet routers, etc.) and heavy load items such as heaters, stoves, aircons, and pumps.

How long will te power backup solution work?

The amount of backup time is determined by the size of the connected battery bank and the load drawn from the system. The backup time is directly in proportion to the load drawn.

How long does it take to charge the batteries when utility power returns?

The recharge time of the batteries depends on how much power was removed from the batteries during a power failure. The recharge times in the catalogues is indicated at full battery discharge.


500W Inverter,1200Watthrs-6hrs backup time, 10 Lights, Laptop, Phone Charging

1000W Inverter,2400Watthrs-12hrs backup time, 15 Lights, TV and Radio, Phone Charging

1000W Inverter,4800Watthrs-12hrs backup time, 20 Lights, TV and Fridge, Phone Charging, Laptop

5000W Inverter,19,200 Watthrs-8hrs backup time, 10 lights, 10 computers, 1 Printer, 1 Copier