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solar PV system


Solar power systems

A solar power system is a system comprising of a solar pv panel, a charge controller, inverter and a battery that uses the sunlight to generate electricity that can be used to power electrical appliances. Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems range from small, roof or ground mounted systems to building integrated systems that have capacities of few watts to tens of kilowatts, to mini grids to large utility scale power systems of tens of Giga watts. Solar systems can be grid connected in such a way that if you are producing excess power, you can actually feed it to the grid and use power from the grid when your solar system production is insufficient. The earth receives about 1,000 W/m2 for a surface perpendicular to the Sun's rays. These energy can be harnessed to produce electricity by solar panes though the photo voltaic effect. A solar PV system is used to convert the energy from the suns rays to electricity.
The solar panel is made of silicon cells that have electrons when hit by photons from the Suns rays move thereby generating electricity.
The charge controller protects the battery from over charging and over discharging making it last longer.
The solar battery stores energy generated by the solar panel for use when sunlight is in sufficient or unavailable.
Since the power produced by the solar system is is direct current (D.C.), a inverter is used to convert it to Alternating current (AC)

Solar system sizing


How to determine what size of solar panel, charge controller, inverter and battery.

To determine the size or capacities of components of your solar system, you begin by load assessment.
First write down all the appliances that require power.
Secondly write down their power consumption, this can be determined by checking on the ratings given by the manufacturer or checking the average rating on google.
Thirdly, calculate the total number of watt hours you will use per day by multiplying the wattage of each appliance by the quantity and the number of hours of use per day then adding up the total.
Once you have the the total watt hours required , you divide by the system voltage, usually 12,24 or 48v then multiplying by 1.2 to cater for losses. You will have gotten the number of amps you need to generate in a day. To determine the number of solar panels required, you have to decide which solar panel size you want to use get its rating in amps and divide the total amps re required per day by that rating.
You now have the the number of panels required. To determine the size of charge controller, multiply the number of panels by the rating in amps and multiply by 1.2 to add a safety factor. You now have the the size of charge controller required.
To determine the size of inverter, simply multiply the power rating in watts of the appliances and add them all up. Multiply these wy 1.2 and you have the capacity of inverter needed.
Finally, to determine the battery bank, simply chose the capacity of battery you desire to use usually 100ah or 200ah and divide by the number of amps you already determined earlier.


Roomny solar is a solar power solution provider with over 15 years experience in design, supply,installation testing and commissioning of small solar system, medium sized off grid system, mini solar grid systems and grid tied solar system form a few hundred watts to the megawatt range. With a team of highly trained and experienced engineers, we offer EPC solar power solutions for domestic, industrial and commercial applications having successfully installed thousands of systems for individual, government and private companies. We partner with tier one solar and balance of system companies like Jinko, sma, hoppecke and Ritar to offer the best solar solutions on the planet. .

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Roomny solar is renewable energy company offering alternative power. for domestic, Industrial and comercial use.

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