Commercial & Industrial Solar Systems

Power Generation for Commercial and Industrial Use (C&I)

Commercial and industrial solar power generation is commonly utilized in commercial and industrial buildings, such as factories, farms, hotels, schools, offices, and other multi-user and multi-application establishments. This type of solar electricity typically varies from 10 kw to megawatts. Anything from self-consumption to generating for resale is fair game. In terms of cost, the International Energy Agency ranks solar power as the most cost-effective option.

Ways to slash 30% off your business’s electricity¬†costs.

  • Please provide us with your most recent six months’ electricity bills, ideally in a jpg or pdf format.
  • Our engineering team will assess your energy consumption to choose the best solar power system for your needs.
  • **we will send you a preliminary¬†offer after conducting a feasibility study.
  • Our lease-to-own and power-purchase agreements are finalized in about one week.
  • Saving money is the first thing that happens once our engineering team installs the systems.
  • When you hire our staff to maintain your system at no cost, you can put that savings into growing your business.

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