Hybrid inverters
Hybrid inverters are inverters that combine solar inverters with battery inverters in one unit. This will enables charging of a battery with both solar panels and grid power. They are programmed in a way that you can opt for solar panels to charge the batteries first. Alternatively, grid power to charge the battery connected and vice versa.
How Hybrid inverters work.
Hybrid inverters incorporate a solar charging component, an AC to DC charging component, and DC to AC inversion. The inbuilt charge controller facilitates charging through solar panels, while the AC charging component allows charging via grid AC power or a generator. There is capability to configured smart inverters to use solar panels. The grid operates as the primary source of battery charging, depending on preference. Users can set the solar panels as the primary source for charging the battery bank, utilizing the main power as a backup, or vice versa. Additionally, they can operate entirely off-grid or connect to the grid to achieve cost savings.

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