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LORENTZ PS2 pumps are high quality products for pumping water for drinking , livestock and irrigation. They deliver water economically, cleanly and reliably. They have Maximum flow rate of 79 m3/hour and Maximum lift of 450 m

lorentz PS2K

PSk2 Centrifugal Pump

LORENTZ PSk2 pumps have the highest volume of water across a wide range of lifts. They perform well in irrigation and drinking water applications and have a maximum flow rate 240 m3/hour and a maximum lift of 140m.

Lorentz Surface Water Pumps

ps2 surface pumps

Lorentz are widely used solar pumps in kenya for irrigation systems and have long life expectancy designed for use in remote and harsh conditions They have a smart modular design for simple and cost effective servicing and repair with simple installation.


Shiyuan SYDC48V

Shiyuan SYDC48V/50 submersible pump is reliable and used in irrigation and Livestock with a flowrate up to 3000 litress/Hour and a head of 50 meters. It's 48v/8amps. 25mm and requires 500w solar panel.

Honda diesel pump

Honda pumps

Honda general purpose, centrifugal 2" and 3" petrol pumps have easy starting Honda OHV commercial engine with durable silicon carbide mechanical seal Cast iron volute and impeller used for variety of applications.

Roomny solar is renewable energy company offering alternative power. for domestic, Industrial and comercial use.

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